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We are DINO A/S

At DINO A/S, we have more than 60 years of experience with rental and racing go-karts for individuals and businesses. Ever since our inception, we have strived to provide our customers with the best possible driving experience, personally tailored to them.
Not only do we offer a driving experience reminiscent of the one you will get in a professional racing go-kart, you will also experience a dedicated team that is passionate about their craft.

We build go-karts with heart and soul

DINO A/S ensures you the ultimate motorsport experience, where you have the opportunity to buy or rent our go-karts at affordable prices - and this applies to both our fuel variants and our new electric go-karts, which run exclusively on electricity.

Our go-karts are genuine lightweight go-karts that fit indoor and outdoor courses of any design thanks to their solid driving characteristics and setup. In addition to this, you are also guaranteed driving abilities, strengths and reliabilities in a league of their own with our go-karts.

We use all of our knowledge and experience to build and maintain your rental go-karts, which ensures that you will get the most out of your investment. Whatever your requirements, we always build go-karts with heart and soul.

We build go-karts that suit you

We offer go-karts with an incredible number of specifications, which means that you will always have ample opportunity to get the go-kart that fits your exact needs.
The DINO go-kart series has models in all sizes to suit all ages, and they are built and set up in a way that really allows your customers to test their limits.

Our go-karts are anything but standardised. You can tailor the various features and functions that your fleet of go-karts should have. It can be anything from the engine size and colour of the safety frame, to the design of the stickers and whether the seat and pedals need to be adjustable. All in all, you have the ability to design your go-karts just the way you want them. You are always more than welcome to ask if you have something specific in mind, then we'll see if we can make it happen.

Used go-karts, same good quality

If there isn’t enough room in your budget for brand new go-karts, then we also have an initiative we call second-hand go-karts. The concept is that our loyal customers can hand in their used DINO go-karts, which we give a loving hand to before finding a new owner. Maybe that could be what you are after?

Contact us and let us guide you to the right go-kart

We provide go-karts for customers and individuals all over the world, which means that we also have an in-depth insight into where the challenges may lay and what the requirements are for the different types of racetracks that exist - both indoors and outdoors and across national borders. Contact us today, so we can advise and help you make the right choice. Whether you need five or 55 go-karts, we always know and comply with the required standards as a go-kart supplier, whether it is about the go-kart itself or the specific race track.