About DINO A/S

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Our history

DINO A/S was founded in 1958 by Finn Jørgensen in the Danish town of Middelfart on Funen with the aim of creating the world's best driving go-kart. Here, he built the first DINO go-kart, where he managed to create a solid frame that ensured a unique and optimal driving experience.

Whether Finn Jørgensen ever created the best driving go-kart is up for discussion, but we can proudly say that we are the world's oldest go-kart brand, and we, as a brand, have helped to define the go-kart industry in both racing and rental.

In 2009, DINO A/S was acquired by Nørgaard Teknik A/S in Auning, and the factory got a new location in Djursland. DINO A/S thus became part of a larger group with more than 20 years of experience in the welding and machine industry. Competences and technologies from this sector then also became a natural part of DINO's DNA. In addition, the acquisition has helped to increase the quality and optimise individual components, which has created the complete go-kart.

Our vision

The vision at DINO A/S has always been to build go-karts, where the driving experience is the focus. That is our main goal - and it has not changed. We have always taken pride in designing and developing go-karts with a low centre of gravity and a low weight, which gives the driver a completely extraordinary feeling of the vehicle. This applies to both our racing and rental go-karts, where the rental part is still highly relevant to this day.

We want to design durable and service-friendly go-karts, so that our customers only have to concentrate on the fun and excitement. Whether that means the go-kart driving itself, the design of racetracks, or the care of their own business and clientele. Our customers do not have to spend unnecessary time in the workshop.

We are not afraid to play around with the latest technologies, which is why our go-karts are always unique and different from other brands on the market. We try to think out of the box and move in the direction where no one else has been, which is probably why we are still here after so many years.

Our team

All this and more would, of course, not be possible without our fantastic and dedicated team, which consists of designers, engineers and a sales team.

Our designers and engineers are constantly working on optimising our go-karts. They strive to achieve the perfect go-kart, both when it comes to the aesthetic and functional aspects. The same applies to our customers, where we can tailor go-karts to their individual wishes and needs - no request is too small. That is why our customers always get completely unique go-karts, which they themselves have helped to define. It is on the basis of our customers' feedback and wishes that we create some of the best go-karts on the market.

Our perfect go-karts are not worth much without our persistent and service-minded sales team, however, who strive daily to provide our customers with the best customer service and a short processing time. They process orders and answer phone calls and emails so our customers are always happy with their well-run go-karts.  

Are you ready to make your go-kart dream come true?

We have always gone our own way, and we are ready to go to great lengths to make your go-kart dream come true. So, if you are ready, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team is ready to assist and answer all your questions.