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DINO go-karts

Reliable and safe rental go-karts with great driveability produced in Denmark. With rental go-karts from DINO your customers are not only promised action and a great experience, but also a lot of fun on your track. DINO is the perfect match for gokart centres who wants to give their customers a great go-kart experience and at the same time have a reliable and service-friendly fleet of karts.

With more than 60 years of experience within the karting industry, you’re guaranteed reliable and safe karts with cool features plus an impressive exterior. DINO Karts are designed and built in Denmark and, in our factory, you’ll find our skilled employees doing their absolute best, producing reliable go-karts with great driveability to go on your tracks.

Our ambition is to create go-karts that gives your customers an ultimate driving experience, but also look and feel like a genuine go-kart. You can choose from our wide range of models and, since we started production of cart rentals, we’ve delivered DINO karts to go-kart centres around the world.

No request is too small or big for us, so contact us today to see what we can offer you and your business.

DINO- din totalleverandør af Udlejningskarts

We seek to continuously optimize our operation and make your DINO go cart rentals among the best in the world. Our engineers have, among other things, optimized the weight of the rental karts and developed solutions that both the karting industry and your customers benefit from today.

When you invest in DINO karts, your customers will get a go-kart rental experience that feels like having a racing car under the bonnet – not a bumper car! They’ll leave your go-kart centre with a huge smile plastered to their face.

DINO is your specialists in building rental go-karts and have an excellent safety record. Our most important task is to create reliable and well-run karts without compromising on you or your customers’ safety. Whatever the specifications or requirements of your track, there will be a go-kart rental to suit your needs. As a supplier of rental go-karts to tracks everywhere in the world, we have a deep understanding of your business and the daily challenges you face.

We guarantee that your DINO rental go-kart features:

  • A light, strong and flexible chassis as a base of the go-kart.
  • A reliable 4-stroke engine with centrifugal clutch
  • A personal pick between chain and belt
  • A covered engine, transmission, exhaust, brake system and rear axle to eliminate any contact with heat or rotating parts.
  • A multifunctional seat mounted in a strong frame, with sufficient support
Your DINO rental go-kart is designed with easy access, so service- and maintenance is minimised to an absolute minimum. It’s important that your go-karts are ready and safe for your customers at all times. To ensure this, you have easy access to spare parts and accessories in our online shop . Not only do we offer a broad selection, we also ensure efficient and quick delivery. DINO cooperates with acknowledged subcontractors, like Honda Motors and Tillet, to ensure that you and your customers always get the very best. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or guidance. We’re always ready to help! Ready, set, contact!

Are you ready to make your go-kart dream come true?

We have always gone our own way, and we are ready to go to great lengths to make your go-kart dream come true. So, if you are ready, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team is ready to assist and answer all your questions.