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  • Duro
  • Mitas


  • 3L center tank


  • Kulfiber sæde – XS eller S
  • Polstret sæde – M
  • Rollbar


  • 17mm
  • 20mm

Security framework:

  • Security Framework Mini Standard
  • Security framework Mini North


  • GX120 m. reduktionsgear
  • GX200 with reduction gear


  • Mini
  • or customer design


  • Mechanical anti-gas


  • Super Silent exhaust system
  • Flexible pre-pipe
  • Exhaust flex with catalytic unit

DINO Mini standard

Chassis, engine and exhaust:

  • High strength alloy tube chassis
  • Dino Special 28 mm chassis tube
  • Chassis color according to customer specification
  • Honda GX120 with reduction gear
  • Engine prepared for Dino Kart
  • Super Silent exhaust system
  • Flexible exhaust pipe without catalytic unit

Rear axle components:

  • High strength 30 mm rear axle
  • Chain drive
  • Chain tightner
  • Hydraulic self-adjusting brake system
  • Drilled brake disc 210 x 6 mm
  • Long-life SKF UCX rear axle bearings
  • Heavy duty aluminum alloy wheel hubs
  • Heavy duty aluminum wheels

Steering, seat and pedals:

  • Ergonomic steering wheel with Dino Logo
  • Aluminum steering hub with angled for optimized steering
  • Aluminum tie rod
  • Long-life SKF bearings
  • Stub axles with 17 mm axles
  • Tillett fiberglass seat
  • Chrome pedals with flip-up option
  • Duro tires HF242

Bodywork, bumpers and Fuel system:

  • Mini Bodywork
  • Mini stickers
  • Black safety guard - Standard
  • Aluminium floor tray
  • Aluminum anti-slip floor trays
  • Maintenance mounted engine and rear axle covers
  • 3L center mounted fuel tank


  • Honda GX200 with reduction gear
  • Exhaust flex with catalytic unit
  • Customer specified sticker design
  • Mechanical braking system
  • Drilled brake disc 180 x 8 mm
  • Belt drive
  • Belt tightner
  • Safety guard Nord in black or chrome
  • Padded or plastic seat


  • Rollbar
  • OMP seat belt
  • Schroth seat belt
  • Stub axles with 20 axles
  • Mitas tires
  • Mechanical anti-gas system
  • 2-speed system
  • Customer colored components after request by the customer

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