Second hand karts in stock now

Used go-karts but the same high quality

At DINO A/S, we offer our loyal customers the option to buy back their used DINO go-karts if they buy a new fleet of rental go-karts from us.

It’s an initiative that we call "second-hand go-karts". You will still be guaranteed DINO go-karts of the same high quality, even if they have been used by others. The go-karts will be prepared to suit you and your racetrack.

Our used go-karts always have plenty of kilometres left in them, and we can still guarantee you and your customers' safety. Do you think that a used go-kart could be something for you? Then sign up for our newsletter so you can be one of the first to be notified when we receive new, used machines on our website. That way, you will always be updated on our stock status.

Used, but far from done

The go-karts are not worn out, damaged or ready to be retired from the racetracks just because they are used - far from it. In most cases, our customers simply want to swap their current DINO go-karts so they can offer their users the latest vehicles on the market.

We re-rent all the used go-karts that you will find here on the site with genuine peace of mind. You still get the same original DINO go-karts, which are built to last a lifetime. They do not end up back in our custody because they have become worn and damaged over time, or because they have become unsafe to drive due to safety reasons.

Inspected down to the smallest detail

We do, of course, carefully review all the used DINO models in our workshop down to the smallest detail, so you get the same high quality and safety security as if you had bought a brand-new go-kart from us. The only difference is the price and delivery time. The vehicles that you find on this page can be ready for shipment within a few days.

It is perfectly fine to invest in used go-karts if you have a limited budget or if you are new to the industry. We strive to have used go-karts in different price ranges, so there will always be a model that suits you - whether you need three or 30 go-karts. When you receive your second-hand go-karts from us, they will always be ready to use as soon as they are delivered.

We also advise and help with used rental purchases

As these are used DINO models, we cannot guarantee which go-karts we have in stock or when they will be available. There is a lot of variation in the interval for swapping go-karts; sometimes, we have second-hand go-karts in several variants and types, and from different vintages, whilst other times, we have no go-karts in stock at all.

But do not hesitate to contact us to hear more about what we currently have in stock, or if a go-kart has caught your interest. Our dedicated team is ready to help you with guidance, advice and technical support. If it is the case that we do not have any machines in stock, or that our goods are not of any interest to you, you can always sign up for our newsletter below. Then you will be one of the first to know when we have received a new fleet of rental go-karts, which are ready to go and waiting for their next owner.